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Mersa the shaman

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re: Mersa - Shaman Application

Name: Martin
Age: 20
Gender: M
Location: United Kingdom

Ingame info
Main characters name: Mersa
Class: Shaman
Talent Spec: Enhancement.
Are you willing to respec if needed for the guild: Yes
Armory link:
Professions: Enchanting/Jewlecrafting
Any other 80s: Deathknight Tank.

Raid Info
Classic: Fully cleared all content on original character (a mage) lost that character. now have all but BWL done on this character
TBC: All but Sunwell done. Never stepped foot in there, would love to clear it tho.
WOTLK: all pre ulduar done, both 10 and 25. done 12/14 Ulduar 10 man.

Raid addons(a screenshot of your raid interface is fine): Omen, recount, DBM, Dominos, Totem Timers, Sexymap <3

What times do you normally play? from ~ 20:00 - 00:00 server time everyday, and then when not working I'll play all day

In a duel who would win, Chuck Norris v's The Entire World.?* The world would lsat exactly 4.2311111 seconds, before being roundhouse kicked into the sun.

Have you read our Guild Rules and do you accept them? Yes

Are you willing to put your own in game needs behind the guild needs? Yes Very much so, that is what a guild should be about.

Chicken or the egg?* Both at once :nod: Aliens did it

What can you offer to us? A player that reads all tactics, doesn't bring drama, turns up on time, fully prepared, and offers advice from their point of view when required to help. Also i do run old school raids usually about once a week.

What do you expect from us? Fair treatment as any guild member should have. Raid spots after i've shown that I'm worthy. i play this game to raid.

Sporks being as useful as they are, are rejected by many diners, discuss.* They are widely unavailable in the majority of locations, this is partly due to the Overwhelming Racial abilities of forks, ( +20 Mind washing ) but also it comes down to fear, People fear the unknown, They just aren't ready to use a spork.

Guildhistory on Aerie Peak: <The Darker Zodiacs>
Current Guild on Aerie Peak: None.
Why did you leave your previous guild: I Left after i found out that the guilder leader, was lying about other members (saying he'd slept with them when he hadn't(MUCH MUCH more to it, but i doubt your that interested)), I'd had enough of the drama, it's a game, not a talk show. When i confronted him, he said i would be kicked, so i took my mats from guild bank that i'd put in there recently. Needless to say, he turned it around on me, that i'd been lying, spreading rumors, however for the full story you should talk to Slaughterwell.

Its a known fact that gingers cant be pirates but why is this?* Chuck Norris just demands it, I'm fine and dandy just letting him ^^

General Info
Have you any other applications outstanding with other guilds? Many other guilds, I'm applying to lots at the moment, the best one that replies i'll join.

How good is your English, Written and Spoken? I make spelling mistakes, but speaking I'm fine ^ I am english after all

In a fight who would win. A. Tiger, B. Eagle ?* Chuck Norris.

Connection info(any disconnect/lag problems we should know about)? None, will DC very occasionally when loading into dalarn if I'm running a lot of things on my computer.

Why do you want to join us? I want to raid with a guild that isn't full of drama and doesn't require it's members to be spoon-fed tactics

Where did you hear about us? Ichigo (SP?)

Do you have any connection issues? O.o deja'vu?

Do you have issues?* not really, I have little tolerance for people that bitch.

Anything Else you would like to inform us to further your application? I know chuck norris... you dont want to upset him
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