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re: Zalthas - Tankadin Application

app looks fine to me could you logout in your tank gear because armory is showing your retri gear atm


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re: Zalthas - Tankadin Application

Name: Dan
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: North West England

Ingame info
Main characters name: Zalthas
Class: Paladin
Talent Spec: Protection 4/57/10 Ret 0/10/61 Holy TBA
Are you willing to respec if needed for the guild: Certainly
Armory link:
Professions: Ench - Almost at 450..Got most of the best formulas.
Any other 80s: Yes, Fully Naxx 25 Geared Rogue which I am also very happy to raid with.

Raid Info
Classic: All, But not Pre TBC
TBC: All, Up to Illidan within BC
WOTLK: Up to Mimi on Heroic and Normal

Raid addons(a screenshot of your raid interface is fine): Omen, DBM, Recount and Pallypower.

What times do you normally play? Everyday, typically for a lengthy period.

In a duel who would win, Chuck Norris v's The Entire World.?* Being Logical, the whole world.

Have you read our Guild Rules and do you accept them? Yes.

Are you willing to put your own in game needs behind the guild needs? Yes, unless its Dogblade.

Chicken or the egg?* Egg

What can you offer to us? A Noisy Arrogant Selfi...A really nice friendly guy Happy

What do you expect from us? High standard raiding and fair progress. Aswell as some activities in the daytime such as PvP, Heroics or other raids.

Sporks being as useful as they are, are rejected by many diners, discuss.* Its a cross between a damn spoon and a fork. Have them seperate dammit!

Guildhistory on Aerie Peak: KLR, System Lords, Proximity, Kaizen, Tempus Fugit, Oppressum, Kaizen (again).. All disbanded or left because of Management reasons.

Current Guild on Aerie Peak: Innovation

Why did you leave your previous guild: Well tbh, (in Kaizen) when the top members are all on Over 4k DKP, and items are costing 5 DKP, Dunno about anyone else but thats a lil'wrong in my mind.

Its a known fact that gingers cant be pirates but why is this?* Well I wont lie, I am ginger, and I think I'd make a damn good pirate. Arhhh!

General Info
Have you any other applications outstanding with other guilds? No.

How good is your English, Written and Spoken? Perfect

In a fight who would win. A. Tiger, B. Eagle ?* Again being logical, It would HAVE to be a Tiger.

Connection info(any disconnect/lag problems we should know about)? Nope.

Why do you want to join us? I know a lot of people there. I should have joined a long time ago, and I think I could be a good hand in getting us into 25s.

Where did you hear about us? Mutiny, Kina and Dog Happy

Do you have any connection issues? Im sure I just answered this, No

Do you have issues?* Chronic Masturbation (IM KIDDING)

Anything Else you would like to inform us to further your application? Im very happy to raid as Any Specc on my Paladin, I enjoy them all and I am fully Epicced in each...Better epicced in my primary Protection specc ofcourse. I hope you can accept me even though my application was somewhat delayed Happy Cheers People.

PS. As for the username. Zalthas has already been taken.

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