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re: App: Heritic

All questions marked with a "*" are the most important and therefore compulsory.

Gender: Ireland
Location: Coleraine

Ingame info
Main characters name: Toffles
Class: Mage
Talent Spec: Frostfire
Are you willing to respec if needed for the guild: ofc
Armory link:
Professions: JC and mining
Any other 80s: Heritic. Elondith

Raid Info
Classic: None
TBC: SSC, Kara, TK, MH
WOTLK: Naxx, OS, VOA. Ulduar

Raid addons(a screenshot of your raid interface is fine):

What times do you normally play? u already know :P

In a duel who would win, Chuck Norris v's The Entire World.?* Chuck Norris ofc u needed to ask

Have you read our Guild Rules and do you accept them? im already in the guild xD

Are you willing to put your ownin game needs behind the guild needs? yes

Chicken or the egg?* both O.o

What can you offer to us? my awsome personality and also my awsome accent

What do you expect from us? lots of loving

Sporks being as useful as they are, are rejected by many diners, discuss.* well thats because they arent as awsome as regular forks and spoons, and having both just makes the table look awsome

Guildhistory on Aerie Peak: Vendicta, Aegis, Thundercats Ho >.<
Current Guild on Aerie Peak: Mutiny
Why did you leave your previous guild: cauz fell apart

Its a known fact that gingers cant be pirates but why is this?* because you can see them from miles away. They gave ships away

General Info
Have you any other applications outstanding with other guilds? nope

How good is your English, Written and Spoken? terrible xD

In a fight who would win. A. Tiger, B. Eagle ?* Tiger cauz they are win

Connection info(any disconnect/lag problems we should know about)? you already know

Why do you want to join us? cauz im already in the guild O.o

Where did you hear about us? from Mutiny

Do you have any connection issues? you already know

Do you have issues?*yeh i think wolf is unstable

Anything Else you would like to inform us to further your application?nah

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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