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re: DECLINED - mage

Im sorry but this is a decline. We are currently looking for experienced members for Ulduar runs. You may be better suited finding a Naxx raiding guild to build up your gear and experience before applying to Ulduar. Good luck in your hunt for a new guild.


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re: DECLINED - mage

Name: Michiel
Age: 28
Gender: Man
Location: Netherlands

Ingame info
Main characters name: Zalbak
Class: Mage
Talent Spec: Arcane
Are you willing to respec if needed for the guild: Yes
Armory link:
Professions: Tailor and enchanter
Any other 80s: Hunter-druid-warlock-dk

Raid Info
WOTLK: Naxx 10 cleaered and OS 10-15 VoA 10-25

Raid addons(a screenshot of your raid interface is fine):
What times do you normally play?
7 hours a day. 10.00-12.00 17.00 till i'm tired all servertime
In a duel who would win, Chuck Norris v's The Entire World.?*
Have you read our Guild Rules and do you accept them?
Yes i accept them
Are you willing to put your own in game needs behind the guild needs?
No-- you need a guild to process and not 1 man
Chicken or the egg?*
What can you offer to us?
I can offer a social and mature member and a helpfull member and will alway's be nice. And i hope a good raidmember.
What do you expect from us?
social and mature guild and good raidstructure
Sporks being as useful as they are, are rejected by many diners, discuss.*

Guildhistory on Aerie Peak: Illidari-dark nova- fallen angels
Current Guild on Aerie Peak: Fallen angels
Why did you leave your previous guild: No raidstucture... No progress

Its a known fact that gingers cant be pirates but why is this?*

General Info
Have you any other applications outstanding with other guilds?
How good is your English, Written and Spoken?
Written is better then spoken
In a fight who would win. A. Tiger, B. Eagle ?*
When the tiger hits first the tiger- when the aegle hits first he fly away
Connection info(any disconnect/lag problems we should know about)?
Np with it
Why do you want to join us?
I hope to progress in the game
Where did you hear about us?
I see you're ad in trade
Do you have any connection issues?
Do you have issues?*
Anything Else you would like to inform us to further your application?

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