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re: Something you may like to read before applying

Mutiny is a new PVE guild compiled of the Officers of Ziltharus on Aerie Peak and some new players. The guild itself was formed after people coming in and out of the guild Ziltharus and the officers and some dedicated raiders were 'boosting' people in 25man naxx and then those people leaving and joining bigger guilds which left us annoyed and angry. Mutiny is now progressing swiftly through the 10man Ulduar content.


We are currently looking for the following classes, to fill our raiding roster. We can guarantee a steady raid spot and constant progression for a second 10man group and a 25man group:

Currently Recruiting:
- Restoration Shaman(s)
- Feral Druid(s)
- Holy/Disc Priest(s)
- Hunter(s)
- Retri Paladin(s)
- Elemental Shaman(s)
- Resto Druid(s)
- Balance Druid(s)
- Tank Death Knight(s)
- Dps Death knight(s)
- Fury Warriors(s)
- Mage(s)
- Warlock(s)

We expect from you
- high level of maturity
- sufficient raid experience
- activity and approximately 75% raid attendance
- ability to communicate & listen on Ventrilo
- high understanding of English
- good pre-raid preparation; know the fight, have the right spec and the will to raid
- 100% committment to the guild
- 100% focus during the raids
- the will to perform at a 100% potential and work outside of raids for that

We're accepting applicants on the basis of their applications, experience and gear.

Raids and Schedules:
At the moment, because we still are a small guild we can only raid when people are on so we can balance a raid out, but, we expect people to be ready before 19:45 for raid invite, we start the raid at as soon as everyone is in the instance and continue to 22:00 with the possibility of extending till late.
You must bring flasks and consumables to the raid otherwise you will loose DKP.
We usually take breaks after boss kills for any need

We use 1 raid leader and any class officer that is in the raid is assitant, the raid leader is usually master looter too. During our raids they ensure the raid plays realizes her maximum potential. Before the fight they explain all tactics, assign the right people to the right jobs, during the fight they make sure the right decisions are made and guide the raid through the encounter. After the fight they analyze what went wrong and make sure the problem gets solved. They have revised the content so they know what they are talking about.

If you have any further queries please contact us ingame
- Nightseeker, Guildmaster
- Mutiny, Second in command and Rogue Class Officer
- Zhukov, Shaman Class Officer
- Killerbovine, Shaman Class Officer
- Kinareth, Paladin Class Officer
- Dóctórmóo, Druid Class Officer
- Derivo, Mage Class Officer
- Autoscream, Warlock Class Officer
- Docsavage, Priest Class Officer

Thanks for reading this far and were hoping to review your application soon. Happy
In-Game Guild Master

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re: Something you may like to read before applying

very well put derivo. we may be building but we dont accept everyone. our recruitment process is strict and we know who will be a "geif free gear" or an excellent member.

this post basically says it all and i strongly suggest reading it before you apply.

Dear GM.

Please Nerf Rock, Paper is fine.


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